App Editions is a platform that offers independent producers, filmmakers, video content creators and distributors the opportunity to market their films, along with extra content through Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

App Editions offers media producers the ability to edit and sell directly their films to millions of users. This innovative digital distribution allows video content creators to avoid intermediaries obtaining extraordinary cost savings and reaching a global market.

App Editions generates a multiplatform application (Digital Video Application, DVA) allowing users enjoy the full film featuring subtitles and multi-language support as well as bonus features such as trailer, pictures, and cast… just like those old DVD’s.The DVA will be available at the most popular application markets such as Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.

And what about end users? Once acquired the DVA, viewers can enjoy the film and extra content without having an Internet connection. Anywhere, any time. DVAs may be played on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, and even on old TV-sets by just plugging an Android or iOS device.




Today, The App Store has over 500 million active accounts and it had over two billion downloads during December 2012. Meanwhile, Google Play has recorded 25 billion app downloads to date.

While sales of Blu-ray and DVDs continued to drop, Apple and Google continue taking a greater share of the emerging Internet video on demand market. While sales of conventional disks have dropped to 61 percent in 2012 (http://www.npd.com), prices also continue to fall as demand collapses. In contrast, the market for digital downloads (which do not use any physical support) is increasing, growing from 14 percent in 2011 to 16 percent in 2012 in the US. Worldwide the growing trend is confirmed as well.

Although the majority of VOD movie purchases and rentals (72 percent) is provided by pay TV operators, digital downloads now account for a 16 percent of the VOD market in US while online digital rentals now makes up 12 percent.

Apple and Google  -through their popular iTunes and Play application stores-  are rising as powerful intermediaries in this new digital arena. They are leading now this digital revolution by controlling how media is distributed to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as reaffirming their presence on our living rooms through gadgets such as  Apple TV and Android Smart TVs. Apart from movie rentals Apple has started to offer movie downloads and rumors spread that Google play will follow soon.

In this scenario, independent movie producers are fighting to reach viewers. The new giant intermediaries –Apple and Google- are playing the same old rules and allow only the distribution of movies produced by majors. Is there any opportunity for independent movie makers?