Elena Durmiendo App Edition

Elena Durmiendo App Edition


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The painter Luis Redondo in an emotional and pictorical crisis after the death of his wife, immersed in his own world, becomes obsessed always painting the same picture, but chance brings someone new into his life and it will change everything.

ELENA DURMIENDO APP EDITION is an exclusive APP format edition, which allows you to enjoy directly from a short film more extras when, where and whenever you want. In addition, you can access all the contents of the director Jorge Vallejo for free.


  • Full OV short film (Spanish)
  • Chapter division
  • Synopsis, full cast and crew
  • Discover the origin of the creative process
  • 2 photo galleries, including the shooting and frames of the film
  • Extra short films: El irlandés, Sepia Man, La guerra de la emancipación, Cómo está el mundo Fermín, La castañera de Valladolid and El tío Itsban


  • Production year: 2013 – SPAIN
  • Run time: 13′ 54”
  • Rating: +18
  • Format: HD
  • Aspect ratio: 16/9
  • Genre: drama
  • Filming locations: Valladolid (SPAIN)


  • Videos in HD 1920×1080
  • Off line mode
  • Menu languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and Spanish


  • El irlandés (2011) – On line series
  • Sepian Man  (2010) – Directed by Jorge Vallejo and the illustrator Iván de Hojas Martín
  • El tío Itsban (2010) – Directed by Jorge Vallejo and Alberto Triano
  • La guerra de la emancipación (2009) – Written by Jorge Vallejo and Carlos Cuesta- 2nd Award in the “Cálzate tu película y emancípate” Festival
  • La castañera de Valladolid (2009) – Special Jury Mention in the XIV La Fila Festival
  • Cómo está el mundo Fermín (2008) – Grand Jury Award in the VI Notodofilmest and Icorto Audience Award in the I Fbac.


The APP has a DVD-like layout which allows you to enjoy the film with the extra features. The first time the APP is started, the film is automatically downloaded. Due to its size, it is directly saved to the external memory of your mobile device. Downloading takes a few minutes depending on the connection. AppEditions recommends you to use wireless connection in order to proceed to download, avoiding an important consumption of your data plan. You can pause and resume the download at any time. Once the download is completed, you can run the APP and enjoy its contents.
If you want to change the menu language, go to Settings> Applications, select Elena Durmiendo App and press “Clear Data”. The next time you run the APP you will be able to select a new menu language.